Jane the Uber Driver, and How God Uses Ordinary Events for Extraordinary Purposes

I recently had a good conversation with an Uber driver who is using her platform to share Jesus with others.

Ed: How did you get into Uber driving?

Jane: I got into Uber driving because my kids encouraged me to pick up a temporary job to make a little extra money as I am in real estate and things are a little slow right now. They thought that because I love to drive and I love being with people that this would be a great opportunity for me to get out of the house and be an encouragement to people.

Ed: One of the first things I noticed was a Bible in your backseat. How do you start conversations with people about faith as an Uber driver?

Jane: I usually will ask them some questions like, “How's your day going?” I will ask them, “Where are you going? Are you on your way to work?” As they share what they do, my first fishing throw at my hook is, "Oh, wow, that's such a blessing. Do you enjoy doing what you're doing?"

So, I start with the word blessing. A lot of times the person will ask me, “Do you enjoy your job?” I'll say, "Yeah. God really opened up this door for me." This helps me to see where the person is at. Some people will respond with, "Are you a believer?" or, "Do you go to church?" Then, the door opens up.

Sometimes, when I don't get a response, I will continue with something like, "Well, do you know the area really well? Are you from this area?" Just kind of get a feel for if the person is from that area.

If they do, then I'll say, "Well, gosh. What's your favorite restaurant? Do you have a favorite store you like to shop at? Do you have a church that you go to?" Just feel out where the person is at.

Ed: Have you had an opportunity to actually go a little deeper with someone about what it means to be a ...

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