20 Truths from Supernatural Power for Everyday People

Jared C. Wilson offers encouragement for experiencing God's extraordinary spirit in our ordinary lives.

1. When we relegate our intentionality with God to a minute fraction of our time, it’s no wonder we feel distant from him during the times we happen to be thinking about him and lack power during all the other times. Whatever we focus most of our conscious time on will invariably dominate the way we think and feel. (8)

2. Too many of us spend our Christian lives waiting on something big to happen, completely oblivious to the fact that the biggest thing that could ever happen to us already did, and it’s more than enough. (14)

3. Craving more and more extravagant evidences of the Spirit is an easy way to demonstrate our lack of satisfaction with the gospel of Jesus. (15)

4. What is it that you and I need in both the storms of life and the ordinary boredom of life? Not good advice and not inspirational pick-me-ups. No, we need power. We need real power. (20)

5. Receiving the glory of Jesus changes us. This is why the gospel cannot be boring. It declares and imparts the glory of Christ. If you find the gospel less interesting than miraculous signs, it is only because you do not see how surpassingly wonderful the gospel is! The gospel cannot get boring any more than Jesus can get boring. (23)

6. Our modern self­orientation holds out the promise of needlessness but ironically only enhances our sense of need. This is a modern tragedy that has effects on nearly all aspects of our lives, overflowing into every compartment of ourselves. (39)

7. The worst thing that can happen to you is to get everything you want and be extremely comfortable for a long time yet be relationally disconnected from God. Separation from God is tragic, and it is tragic how little people feel that separation. (48)

8. This is how the Christian life ...

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