One-on-One with Scott Breslin on Embracing Our Priestly Nature at Work

There is innate dignity to every occupation and job a Christian might do.

Ed Stetzer: What was the reason for writing Embracing Our Priestly Nature at Work?

Scott Breslin: I wrote the book to help rekindle the notion of the priesthood of all believers in a way that was both theologically sound and practical for ordinary Christians. There are many teachings out there on the theology of work, but very few demonstrate the link between our theology of work and our priestly identity.

Knowing that every follower of Jesus has a God-given priestly mandate adds an important degree of clarity to our role in life and gives innate dignity to every occupation and job a Christian might do. At the core of every follower of Jesus exists a priestly DNA, designed by God to be a prominent part of our self-identity. However, like a slow burning ember, our priestly nature risks remaining obscure and inconsequential unless fanned to life. This book was written to be that fan.

Ed: Why do you feel this book is necessary/critical for the global missions movement right now?

Scott: I believe it will take the whole Church to reach the whole world. It will certainly take much more than missionaries, pastors, and evangelists.

If God’s people don’t embrace their priestly identities in ‘secular’ work places, I cannot imagine a scenario where the peoples of the earth will ever be reached. The job is just too large. We need to remember that the gospel is not simply a message that can be transmitted digitally around the world via electronic media, although that is also important.

In almost all cases, God’s kingdom advances via the presence of human agents (i.e. priests) on the ground. It is a job too big to be delegated to mission organizations alone… there are just too many unreached. The unreached ...

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