One-on-One with Christine Caine on Her New Devotional

"Unshakeable" joins "Unashamed," "Unstoppable," and "Undaunted."

Ed: First, tell us a little about your background.

Christine Caine: I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, the daughter of Greek immigrants. If you have seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” then you will know my Big Fat Greek Life.

At age 33, I found out I was adopted and it was shocking to discover I was not who I thought I was. My faith in Jesus is what sustained me during those tumultuous days, as it did dealing with the sexual abuse I had encountered when I was younger. I truly know that even when your very foundations are rattled, an unshakeable faith in Christ can and will sustain you.

Today, my husband Nick and I have two daughters, Catherine and Sophia. I write books, travel the world telling people about Jesus, and have the honor of bringing the gospel to the globe through my Equip and Empower program on TBN. Nick and I oversee A21, a global anti-trafficking organization we founded almost 10 years ago. We also started Propel Women, an organization designed to activate the passion, purpose, and potential of every woman for the purposes of God.

Ed: You have a new devotional out called Unshakeable. How do you personally define the term “unshakeable”? And why do you think it’s important for others to have an unshakeable faith?

Christine: Faith that is unshakeable is faith that is impossible to change, shake, or beat down. It is the kind of faith that rests on the confidence of knowing that Jesus, our rock and mighty fortress, has promised to never leave us nor forsake us.

Having that kind of unshakeable faith is important in the turbulent times we are living in. God wants you and I living on mission. On point. Fulfilling all that he has called us to do. In order to fulfill our destiny ...

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