Amy Wright, CNN’s Hero of the Year, Points to God as Her Inspiration

We are called to be a people who love the gift of life and advocate for its preservation.

Earlier this week, the CNN Hero of the Year award was announced. The winner was Amy Wright, owner and operator of Bitty and Beau’s Coffee in Wilmington, North Carolina.

And although you don’t hear about her faith much during the CNN presentation, she points to God’s leadership as the inspiration behind her mission.

The shop itself was named after Wright’s son and daughter who were both born with Down’s syndrome. Her experience parenting two children with disabilities, as she tells us, quickly motivated her to enter into advocacy mode. When Amy and her husband Ben found out that 70% of disabled individuals are currently unemployed, they were truly concerned for both Bitty and Beau.

The couple likely found themselves wondering what the future held for their children. Would they too find themselves overlooked and disregarded by employers down the road who couldn’t help but see them as broken or inadequate?

Amidst these questions and fears, Wright felt called to take action. She cared for her own children, certainly, but also felt compelled by her Christian faith to take action. She and Ben were ultimately troubled by what they saw happening to disabled individuals because they believed in a God who has fearfully and wonderfully made each and every person on this earth.

Amy believes, as she told CNN, that her children and those like them are not ‘broken’ as we might assume—it is the lens through which we view them that needs repair.

And, as you probably guessed when you heard her speak, that’s the way we Christians speak.

As it turns out, it was God who originally placed this desire within her. In an interview with Wake Up Our Faith, she tells of the “lightning bolt” ...

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