Unlocking Eight Motivational Triggers for Evangelism and Discipleship

How can we "spur one another on toward love and good deeds”?

We all want to make disciples but, sometimes, even when we’re doing everything we know how, we still don’t see a significant change in the people we lead. We know we can’t change people; yet, we deeply desire to see them wholeheartedly following Jesus.

How do we activate people’s internal motivation so that they are engaged and have a personal desire to change? More specifically, how do we effectively motivate people to choose to follow Jesus—whether it’s for the first time through evangelism or for the hundredth time through discipleship?

The secret to effectively motivating people is recognizing that different people are motivated in different ways. I know that sounds simple and straightforward, but unless we are very intentional about how we communicate, we will subconsciously try to motivate people in the same ways that motivate us. When that’s the case, we can preach God’s Word or share the gospel until we’re blue in the face and still not see people launched into a life-changing pursuit of Jesus.

So, what are the different ways that people are motivated? Let me share eight motivational triggers and how they can be utilized to activate people in discipleship and evangelism. This list is taken from a blog post by Jason Sannegadu and, while it is by no means exhaustive, it provides a helpful starting point for us as we develop a deeper understanding of the different types of motivation.

1. Rapport: With this motivational trigger, the level of motivation someone has depends on the depth of his or her relationship with the person inviting him or her to do something. Individuals motivated in this way are willing to engage wholeheartedly if they love and respect their leaders ...

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