Church Security: How Do We Keep Our Churches Safe in a World Where Evil Is Present?

As we think through how to keep our people safe, we remember that our hope is secure in God.

The shooting at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs continues to shock the nation. As stories of the victims begin to filter out into the news, our heartbreak is compounded by the contrast between their faith and the violence, hate, and cowardice of the act.

In my article for CNN, I called for the body of Christ to persist in prayer and to take seriously our call to humbly seek solutions to this kind of violence. We must reject our inclination to retrench behind the superficial political talking points parroted in these times and ask what we—as the Church of Jesus Christ—can and should do to keep those that bear his image safe from this violence.

In response to the article, I received many questions from churches asking what they can do to protect their people. I can empathize with their situation, as I’ve actually had a security incident at a church that got dangerous. I imagine I’m not the only one.

While there is comfort in knowing that the faithful gathering of believers endures despite this act and will continue this Sunday around the United States, the tragedy in Texas presents a pressing need facing ministry leaders. In light of this past weekend, churches across the country will begin thinking and praying through security for their upcoming service—painfully aware that, on any given Sunday, it could be them facing this situation.

While I have experience in consulting in church security, I have always tried to connect churches with experts in the field of security who can give recommendations out of their weight of experience and training.

So, in trying to help pastors, my team reached out to security professionals both in and out of the church to ask how we can think through questions ...

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