Trends in Church Staffing: Executive and Campus Pastors

Administrative tasks in growing churches need a focus person.

Thom Rainer, back in 2013, referred to the executive pastor position as becoming a “hot” position. I think he is right.

So just what is an executive pastor? It is a pastor that works for or with the senior or lead pastor to execute the ministry and mission of the church.

How do they specifically execute the ministry and mission of the church? According to Thom, there are two historical broad paths that executive pastors have taken. Some execute their role through staff oversight, making sure the staff is fulfilling the vision of the church as it relates to their specific area of ministry. Other executive pastors execute their role as the business administrator—something similar to that of a CFO in the corporate world. In some cases, executive pastors fulfill both roles.

I’d also add that another position with growing presence is the campus pastor position. As multisite has become popular, so has this position. The campus pastor role functions similar to that of an executive pastor, given that the campus pastor position tends to be a non-preaching role. Therefore, the role is filled with people who have a pastoral heart and the gift of administration.

Some may want to know why these positions are increasing popularity? The following are four reasons why I believe these Executive Pastor (XP) and Campus Pastor (CP) roles are becoming more common.

XPs/CPs free up the senior pastor for other responsibilities.

While I certainly love teaching, I also love administration. However, it’s a strength I don’t exercise frequently when I’m a lead pastor. In that role I focus on the following areas: pray, teach, write, and relate.

There are others things that I do like coach, speak, and mentor. In order ...

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