Excited to be Heading to Wheaton College and the Billy Graham Center

Thankful for my time at LifeWay; looking forward to a Chicago move

Making a change is always hard, and we prayed hard over this decision.

Let me share some of the details as to why.


What Wheaton College has asked me to do is a vision I’ve had for decades.

Larry Theisen recently recounted a conversation we had 25 years ago. Back then, I shared with him my vision to get a doctorate, start a global center, and impact churches to be on mission, planting churches, and sharing the gospel. I was in my twenties then, but it’s a passion that I’ve held for a long time. About 15 years ago I even wrote out a plan to do it. Now, before I leave my 40s, I want to enter the next decade helping Christians know and engage their culture for the cause of Christ.

When Wheaton College created this new, endowed chair, which included serving as Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, Donna and I prayed, talked, and considered. Then, we decided to go.


It’s worth mentioning my time at LifeWay. I’ve been here for almost a decade, so let me share a few things.

First, it’s been a great experience, working with quality leaders who have a passion to serve the church. I’m thankful for Thom Rainer and Brad Waggoner, my bosses. Thom has led LifeWay to move into the new millennium. In the last decade as many Christian resource providers have declined or closed, LifeWay has grown.

Second, I have a great team at LifeWay, working in Research, Communications, and Ministry Development. I’m thankful for Scott McConnell, Marty King, Micah Fries, Lizette Beard, Casey Oliver, Kevin Walker, Shirley Cross, Jon Wilke, Carol Pipes, Bob Smietana, Aaron Earls, Lisa Green, Katie Shull, Donna Grace, and Marty Duren.

Third, I have great partnerships at LifeWay and ...

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