Amplifying Evangelism—A Call to Share the Faith

In a pluralistic world the need to evangelize is greater than ever.

I have been writing about evangelism a lot lately, and have asked others to do the same. That there is a pronounced lack of evangelist fervor in the West is self-evident to most. I am hopeful my new opportunity at the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton will allow me in the years ahead to speak into many conversations about sharing our faith.

Yesterday the Washington Post ran my article, “Call yourself a Christian? Start talking about Jesus Christ.” Here’s an excerpt:

Evidence that our culture remains open to discussions about faith is seen in the fact that a major, secular media outlet published such an article. (And that there are already 205 comments as of this writing.)

The ongoing Amplifying Evangelism series on this blog highlights the basis for and examples of evangelistic by followers of Jesus. This week, Lon Allison related what he had learned about hospitality and evangelism from a trip to the Middle East.

Kevin Harney suggests an easy approach churches can take: redirect existing inward-focused ministries to include people in the community.

Kim Reisman, Executive Director of World Methodist Evangelism of the World Methodist Council, wrote about the role of love in evangelism.

Lon, Kim, and Kevin will be at the Amplify Conference with me. Don’t forget to check out other speakers at the Amplify Evangelism conference July 28-30, 2016. It’s being held at Wheaton College. Don’t forget to register soon.

Aaron Earls, Amy Whitfield, and Marty Duren contributed to the Washington Post article.

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