BLESS Missional Practices as a Sideways Step into Evangelism

This simple acronym guides us in missional outreach

At the Amplify Conference this June, our focus is on rethinking evangelism for the local church. My own church, Community Christian Church, is working on amping up and amplifying our outreach temperature, and we are learning as we move along.

One thing we are learning is that it is possible to have a mission as a church that is not necessarily reflected in the personal lives of our ministry leaders.

Our mission is helping people find their way back to God. But sometimes for us who are leaders at the church, it is easy to lead our ministries in ways that help people find their way back to God, but not have our personal lives aligned.

Many of us are not reaching the friends and neighbors and people in our neighborhoods and networks and Starbucks. We are not having regular spiritual conversations with them. We are not helping them find their way back to God. We just don’t have the time!

So we have had to begin to face that fact that we can’t lead what we aren’t living! If we are not helping people find their way back to God in our personal lives, than we will not sustain contagious, winsome, and effective leadership toward doing that in our ministries.

So we have begun a journey with each other to learn how to align our personal lives with our mission. We have committed to go beyond being primarily an attractional church that does well when people show up. We have committed to living missional lifestyle as leaders.

How are we doing that? We are pursuing five missional practices. We call them BLESS.

  • Begin with prayer.
  • Listen.
  • Eat.
  • Serve.
  • Story.

We want every person to imagine evangelism as “blessing” others. So many people think of evangelism as pressuring people. So we don’t even use the word. We ask ...

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