Weekend Edition—April 8, 2016

Religious liberty, Kindness, Discipleship, and more!

Down in Georgia, here's what the news media's love of 'religious liberty' scare quotes tells you—Bobby Ross, Jr.

"Journalists" need to use scare-quotes less. It's a form of editorializing.

An Invitation to Rediscover KindnessEmily P. Freeman

A little more kindness is a good thing.

Is Your Church a Safe Place for People with Same Sex Attraction?Brad Hambrick

This answer to this question will only gain importance in the coming months and years.

Churches Continue to Face Budget ShortfallsBob Smietana

Many churches still haven't recovered from the crash.

The Critical Truths No One Told Me When I Asked Jesus To Save MeMark Altrogge

We simply cannot overlook the length and breadth of discipleship.

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4 Responses to Cultural Change

Church Signs

Isn’t it the separation of the church from everything?

I think this was a Carman song.

I’m not sure which this is: a Republican Revival, or a séance in disguise.

Thanks to Ray Umphrey, Jason Carlton, and Tyler Armstrong for this week's church signs. As always you can tweet pics of church signs you see to @EdStetzer.

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