Weekend Edition—April 1, 2016

More fun than you can imagine.

Worship Leader Caught In Infinite Loop Between Bridge And ChorusKyle Mann

We’ve all been there, just admit it.

Canada Fears Photo of Prime Minister with Pandas Could Worsen American Refugee Crisis—Andy Borowitz

’Nuf said.

Stone-Hearted Man Scrolls Past Jesus Meme Without Sharing It—Babylon Bee

It’s what we’ve all feared: meme sharing is part of our sanctification.

Cyclist making Jimmy John's delivery climbs over moving train —UPI

And the customer probably wasn’t even that hungry.

Church Sign Leads to Conversion?Matt Capps

If only it was that easy.

In case it hasn’t dawned on you yet, Happy April Fool’s Day! And, the Jimmy John’s article is the only true story in mix.

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Church Signs

And you’d want to extinguish that?

They have time to change the church sign, but no time to grab a bucket of water?

Let’s not mention other communicable diseases, ok?

Thanks for Cyndi Cox, David Erland, and Alan Johnston ...

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