Sunday Journeys—Paróquia Anglicana Espírito Santo in Recife, Brazil

A visit with a great Brazilian church!

I am still behind on my Sunday Journeys posts. However, Brazil is on my mind today!

Our missionaries in Brazil, Travis and Anita Simpson, were here in town and I interviewed them during our service today. Also, we have a Grace Church mission team on the way home from Brazil right now.

It reminded me of my recent trip to the northeast corner of Brazil. Last year, while I was there, I spoke at Cidade Viva the first Sunday and at Paróquia Anglicana Espírito Santo, the Anglican Cathedral in Recife, Brazil.

A cathedral is not a building style or history, but rather the presence of the Bishop. Cathedral actually comes from the Latin word cathedra (chair), a reference to where the bishop’s chair is.

I spoke at Paróquia Anglicana do Espírito Santo where Bishop Miguel Uchoa serves. The church recently left the Anglican Church in Brazil and is now affiliated with the Anglican Church of the Americas. It’s the largest Anglican church in Brazil

Here’s a photo from the back of the church.

This is Bishop Miguel, who loves his church, but also was so kind to my family when they were stuck (without me) in Recife on a subsequent trip.

Here’s a picture of the church celebrating its students, who just came back from a “Happening” weekend.

A “Happening” is an Episcopal youth retreat. As a new believer who came to Christ in an Episcopal church I was involved in several such meetings—and it was fascinating to see them “happening” in Brazil!

BTW, I’ve noticed that churches in Brazil tend to put their greater in smock uniforms. Brazil is the only place I’ve seen it, but smocks have been at every Brazilian church where I’ve preached.

During the service ...

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