The Limited Reach of the Planned Parenthood Videos and What it Says about Us

New LifeWay Research survey reveals many haven't seen them

Last year the Center for Medical Progress released a disturbing, yet crucial series of videos on alleged Planned Parenthood business practices. The outrage over what was depicted was appropriate. I questioned some progressive evangelicals who remained silent in the face of such a tragedy.

Here on The Exchange Chris Martin addressed the sale of fetal tissue to then Planned Parenthood partner Stem Express. Kelly Rosati of Focus on the Family wrote about the cognitive dissonance of supporting Planned Parenthood, and that one can be both pro-life and pro-justice.

National Review reported on the forensic review of some of the videos, The Atlantic did a summary after the first five videos were released, and The American Spectator talked about an attempted legal maneuver to suppress one video’s release.

At least some moderate to center-right on the political spectrum did some coverage.

The New York Times also covered the release of the videos, an apology for “lack of compassion” by a Planned Parenthood staffer in the videos, and more than two dozen articles on the controversy. The Washington Post reported on how the videos had revived pro-life activism and ran dozens of stories of the videos. A Google News search turns up more than 7,000 links to articles on the videos.

So, I admit I was surprised when a recent LifeWay Research project showed that 43 percent of Americans don’t even know the videos existed. More than four of every ten Americans are blithely unaware of the 13-part series in which Planned Parenthood employees negotiate the sale (Reuters’ word, by the way, based on the obvious fact they were negotiating prices) of fetal body parts.

Writes Bob Smietana for LifeWay Research:

A phone survey of 1,000 ...

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