Amplifying Evangelism—One Way to Amplify Our Gospel Witness...Unplug!

Evangelism is not possible until we engage those around us

Okay, so this is how I would listen to records as a kid: I had a small stereo in my bedroom and my mom did not like me playing it too loud. I would put on The Who, Stevie Wonder, Super Tramp, or some other album, and lie on my back on the floor in the middle of my room. I had positioned two speakers facing each other about two feet apart. I would place my head directly between the speakers and turn the volume up as loud as I could without hitting a level that would bring my mom into the room.

In these occasional moments alone in my room, I could amplify my music to a level that I could hear nothing else. I could close my eyes and forget the world around me. I could block everything else out.

This experience I had as a kid is no longer a rare moment; it is now the norm…it is the world in which we live. So many people are plugged in and blocked out much of the time. We wear ear buds that pipe music, talk, or pump other content into our brains and we can’t hear anything else.

A couple of months ago I was riding on a train in Chicago and noticed that almost everyone riding near me had ear buds in. Instead of interacting with others, they were in their own little world. A couple of days ago I was on the other side of our world, walking down a main street in Sydney, Australia. And it was exactly the same. Ear buds were jammed in many people’s ears, including mine! There was very little human contact.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not anti-technology. I still love music. But, if we are going to bear the good news of Jesus to a world deeply in need of His love, we need to unplug. We need to have face-to-face encounters and conversations. We need to have human contact and choose to unplug more often.

Imagine two people ...

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