Sunday Journeys—Visiting at The Church at Spring Hill

I love visiting churches where there's a personal investment.

One of the more enjoyable things to do is to visit a church where you are not preaching, as I did this morning while Jimmy Disney, my friend and partner at Grace, preached at Grace Church.

Recently, I have the opportunity to that at the Church at Spring Hill, where we were not just visitors, but we were partners with the church as well.

The pastor of the church, Jess Rainer, was a part of our church planting team when we started Grace Church. And co-pastor John Mills was part of our Grace Church apprentice program and was ordained by our church.

So, we are uniquely interested and excited about this church plant! And, I thought I’d share about our visit a few weeks ago.

They had been meeting on Sunday nights until a couple of weeks ago, preparing to move to mornings and launch. (They’ve since moved to Sunday morning and this was their first Easter!) This particular evening, we brought our Life Group down to help them with their worship series.

Here’s the Church at Spring Hill team and our Life Group, praying and preparing to serve.

It was a bit of a reunion since John was (and is) loved by our church serving as a campus pastor for us before we sent him out to Church at Spring Hill.

From the beginning they are working hard to make you feel welcome.

You can’t miss where to go, which is important when you are renting a facility on the back side of a building in the back side of a business park.

Then, you get welcomed at the main door.

It was great to see Jess preach and to see them get started as a church!

And, I got to sit in the back row with Donna…something we don’t do much!

Though trouble makers from Grace Church (who have now moved to be a part of the Church and Spring Hill) were everywhere!

But, ...

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