Overseed Coaches

Central to Overseed’s vision of revitalizing declining historic New England churches is the strategy of Overseed HUB coaches.  The goal of a HUB coach is to come alongside pastors to primarily coach and where poissible provide resources to help jumpstart ministry within a small but growing replant congregation.

Overseed Coaches List

Overseed Coach Network Map

Overseed HUB coaches are pastors of a strong local church who desire to serve their sister churches in the surrounding region by helping them reverse the decline and flourish once again.  The HUB pastor coaches replant pastors and willing to invest their resources, both human and financial, where appropriate.

Declining churches are typically short of qualified leaders and laborers in five key foundation areas of the church life:

  • Preaching & Teaching, which is primarily meet by hiring a gospel centered replant pastor.
  • Worship Leader & musicians
  • Kids Ministry Leader
  • Administration
  • Assimilation/Discipleship leader, some of which can be done by the replant pastor.

Typically, a replant struggles for years in order to achieve enough lay leadership expertise to adequately address these five key ministry areas. An Overseed HUB coach can help shorten the time it takes for a replant church to regain health by coaching ministry leaders & providing other resources in these five areas. The particulars of helping a replant church varies from church to church, but the overall goal is to empower the replant church to do ministry.

Besides being a blessing to the replant church, the HUB church members can gain significant ministry experience in a New England context.  This is a great opportunity for the “B” team to gain ministry experience in the midst of offering significant help to a replant church.  Where possible, the Hub coach mentors seminary students as they serve in replant churches.

For more information on becoming an Overseed Hub coach contact Jack Daniel at jack@overseed.org.