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I narrowed the process of church recalibration down to four phases.

I remember the first Sunday of January 2004 like it was yesterday. I had just been elected Lead Pastor of New Life Church, the church where I was saved and had served as youth pastor. It was my first...

Faithlife Sermons (formerly Soundfaith) is a newly updated sermon editing, publishing, and podcast hosting service for pastors that aims at making Sunday morning preparations more fluid.

Church communication can feel daunting at times, even for the most experienced church communicator and pastor. Thriving churches communicate in ways that simplify this process and focus on getting the message to their audience with ease.

The importance of the world wide web cannot be downplayed in today’s world. It has revolutionized almost every aspect of life. From how we socialize to how we perform business transactions, almost everything can now be done online.

Fall is here along with the various events that come along with this season. From kids heading back to school to gearing up for the holidays, fall is the on-ramp to the busiest time of year for churches.

That Church Conference is a two-day intensive church communicator and marketer conference that focuses on how to communicate with your church body, how to use social media, how to build meaningful connections, and much more.

The church website continues to be the church’s digital front door. As a church communicator, putting good website practices into play will always be resources well spent. While focusing on your own church website most of the time is necessary, learning how other churches present themselves...

Much thought goes into choosing a church app. Comparing features and pricing is important as churches go through the process of making wise decisions. It’s also important to investigate mobile app details such as integration, security, and customization.

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Everybody's talking about church revitalization, but let's face it: God has been in the business...