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Below you will find a link to Ecclesia’s Annual Report.  It is our prayer that you will find this encouraging as it gives a glimpse into how God has moved within and throughout the network this past year. We encourage you to share this with your congregations as well as anyone you might be in contact […]
Every easter, every Christmas—no, scratch that—every Sunday, we as leaders are faced with a dilemma: Do we go big, advertise, put on an amazing show and attract people who otherwise wouldn’t have visited? Or do we simply remain a faithful gospel presence, observing the important days of the Christian calendar, but avoiding any hint of […]
Here’s a preview of the workshops we’ll be offering at the National Gathering! Communicating the Gospel in An Age of Skepticism – Josh Crain The place of religion in society has changed profoundly in the last few centuries, particularly in the West. What do these changes mean, and what, precisely, happens when a society becomes […]
Another great family reunion time with Ecclesia people! Each year the Ecclesia National Gathering is a time of celebration for those within the network and other friends of Ecclesia. In addition to the welcome of new churches, one of the highlights of each year is the recognition of those who have been newly ordained or commissioned […]
We were pleased at this year’s National Gathering to welcome a number of new churches into our network! Get to know them! Mission Wilmington, Wilmington, NC Mission Wilmington’s goal is to transform their community by connecting spiritual seekers together to know Jesus and to grow together as they grow in Him. Website | Twitter | Facebook | Contact Brick City Church, […]

Their suffering does not go unnoticed by God, and so it should never go unnoticed by us.

Friends, our brothers and sisters in China covet your prayers.

This past Sunday, Zion Church—one of Beijing’s largest house churches—is being...

Turn around or growth are usually the result of some action taken by the leadership. Usually its not the little changes that kill a church, but the big changes that go untried. Either leadership is afraid of these BIG changes Continue Reading

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Step #3 Get Ideas from Others Let me share the genesis of my goal setting journey. I think it was about ten years ago that I read a story about a guy named John Goddard. In 1940, when John Goddard Continue Reading

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