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What does it look like to reclaim God's rich vision of humanity in a world that is increasingly asking what it means to be human?

Ed: What compelled you to write a book on human dignity?

Daniel: I’ve always been...

As Christians, how we choose to engage skepticism matters; we’re called to do so with thoughtfulness and conviction.

There’s no question, Americans are—and have been for quite some time—becoming less and less religious.

In a study...

Everything we do either propels God’s mission forward or hinders the embodiment of his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Cars rarely operate in neutral, but churches do all the time.

Maybe this is because neutral is the normative posture of those who...

This year our equippers were able to spend a week with 16 current or future church planters. It was a beautiful week at Holy Trinity Retreat Center in Pikesville, MD, just outside of Baltimore.     We engaged in rhythms of prayer together, talked about church planting, leadership development, developing a culture of discipleship and […]
by J.R. Briggs, Director of Leadership and Congregational Formation If you were looking to hire a staff role or recruit a key volunteer at the church how would you know if they were the right fit? Is it discernment in prayer? Is it by their experience in ministry? Their skill set and personality? The confidence […]
by Aaron Graham, Lead Pastor at The District Church (Washington, D.C.) Originally Posted on November 16, 2017. This last Sunday we had the privilege of hearing from Pastor Don Coleman from East End Fellowship and Pastor Stuart Royall from 180 Degrees Church. We had a conversation about discipleship and what it means to be a […]
Recently I had a phone meeting with Paul Caminiti who serves on staff with the Institute for Bible Reading ( Formerly, he served as the Bible Publisher for Zondervan and the Vice President of Bible Engagement at Biblica (formerly known as the International Bible Society). Paul shared with me the research that he and his […]

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Nehemiah had to overcome difficult obstacles in terms of logistics, personal, and severe...