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How do we navigate competing definitions of liberty?

There are two competing ideas on personal liberty that inspire two vastly different understandings of the fundamental nature of freedom. One was recorded 2000 years ago and has guided Christ followers from countless...

The fourth and final installment on Ed's recent interview with Lecrae.

Ed: One of the issues we see today is how our faith can send us to the other side of the world to share the gospel, but we don't want to talk about justice here.


With so many church holding church outside due to Covid-19, having a portable outdoor projector screen is now essential. There are many varities of sizes and costs to meet everyone’s needs.

Faced with a global pandemic, churches around the world are adapting. The response has been incredible as churches have met fear and crisis with innovation and connection. In the midst of the first lockdowns, churches ranging from solo pastors to multi-campus congregations with thousands of members picked up the phone and worked through their rosters from top to bottom.

Church text messaging will take your church communications to the next level. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but in recent years, text communication has become well accepted in terms of sending messages from businesses and other entities.

Ministry is complex under normal circumstances, but in the middle of a pandemic, what once was overly-busy ministry is now a response to people in crisis. In reaction to this pandemic, researchers are suggesting expanding access to social supports, treatments, and harm reduction services as the mental health impacts of COVID will outlast the physical impacts.

In the early days of ChurchTechToday, I occasionally wrote more personal articles that reflected technology use at my own church. In 2011 for my 10-year salvation anniversary, I even shared my testimony of leaving Christian Science and finding Jesus.

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2020 - What are Overseed Pastor Cohorts

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