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Apr 11, 2019
EXTEMPORANEOUS PREACHING: It’s Not Only What You Say, But Also How You Say It
By Jack Daniel

One Sunday morning in my early days of pastoring, I stepped into the pulpit and opened my Bible to where I thought I had placed my sermon notes. To my horror, they were not there. In an instant, I remembered that I had left them on my office desk. A sense of panic swept over me, and all of my... Read More

Mar 01, 2019
Milk a Lot of Cows, But Churn Your Own Butter: Avoiding Plagiarism
By Jack Daniel

A few months ago I worshipped at the church of a talented young pastor whom I had been coaching. His sermon was good, surprisingly good. While I was chatting with him after the service, another parishioner we both knew well joined us and told him how much she enjoyed his message. She then... Read More


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